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Our services

We desing and orchestrate tailor-made programs, workshops and trainings for meaningful innovation. Our clients face the complex reality of ever-changing stakeholder needs, which has a direct impact on their strategy and business models. As lead facilitators, we navigate them to drastically decrease uncertainty through engaging all relevant internal and external stakeholders. We form multi-disciplinary expert teams, which gain radical empathy and a holistic understanding of the problem they want to solve. Our facilitators enable them to build and test actionable human-centred interventions and meaningful experiences. As a result, our clients' organizations gain strategic clarity and outcomes which transform the ecosystem as a whole.

Our greatest value added

The impact of our programs goes far beyond solving significant problems. Probably the greatest value we create through our work are the strong relationships our clients build in action. Some of them truly engage with their stakeholders as professionals and humans for the first time during our programs. Our participants leave not only having experienced the abundance of expertise and passion for a better future in their ecosystems. They leave having created deep and genuine working relationships they can build upon in the years to come. Start your journey

Our approach

We make our customers' vision a reality by using strategy-embeded, systems-minded, human-centred design. All our interventions are deeply rooted in our clients' desired future, incorporate their key stakeholders and the entire ecosystem, in which they operate, and focus on profound human needs.

Our toolbox

To create unique tailor-made programs for our customers we hand-pick metods from a rich toolbox. They include: Systems Design & Co-Creation, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Biodesign, Theory U, Organizational Design, Lego Serious Play, Entrepreneurial Effectuation, Storytelling for Innovation & Change, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Design, Expressive Arts for Transformation, Experience Design and more.

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