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Who we are

wildchild innovations is an international boutique consultancy for meaningful innovation. Our purpose is to inspire, catalyze and bring positive change into the world. We strongly believe in the creative power of all human beings and their ability to transform wicked problems into powerful solutions, which make people's lives better, healthier and more fulfilled.

Our team

We are Georgi and Dora, siblings born in the magical region of Tracia, Bulgaria. We are proud offspring of a family of entrepreneurs, leaders, inventors and educators and exactly this is the creative energy we want to bring into the world.


Dora Panayotova

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Dora is a Senior Facilitator and Consultant for Meaningful Innovation. She will enable you to engage with your stakeholders, lead you on a journey of profound discovery of deep human needs and empower you to transform your insights into solutions which bring your entire ecosystem to a new level.


Georgi Panayotov

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Georgi is a Senior Learning Experience Designer and Train the Trainer Expert transforming the education system. He will lovingly  push the limits of what you think is possible, confronts you with your own excuses and empower you to become the changemaker you were born to be.

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Pipa, the Vizsla

Pipa is our Chief Executive of Love, Joy and Being in the Moment. She is the embodiment of living life to the fullest. If you meet her in one of our programs, she will most probably shower you with kisses and make you laugh at her shenanigans.

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